Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's in a Name?

Thought I'd explore the URL of this blog, inspiredaddiction. It comes from Addie's AKC registered name, Ali-Ann Inspired Addiction. However this name is not just some spontaneous creation; there is much thought and history behind it.

First, the Ali-Ann comes from the breeder that bred Addie; Ann Springer. Her kennel name for her Spoos is Ali-Ann - Ali for her foundation bitch, and Ann for her name.

The Inspired Addiction is a bit more complicated. When coming up with a registered name for a dog, often the dog is named something related to one or both of the parents. Addie's parents are:
Ali-Ann Empire Kwik Pik Encore, call name Carmen (mom, white)

Ali-Ann Irish Inspiration, call name Tynan (dad, black)

And I wanted something creative, but something relating either to her call name (Addie) or her parents. I ended up doing both.

The "Inspired" part comes from her dad, from "Irish Inspiration." That's not too hard. The "Addiction" part can be shortened to Addie. Also, if you want to be cheesy... Addie "inspired" the addiction to Poodles. Yay.

So we have Inspired Addicion... encompassing her call name, honoring her daddy, and a short, sweet little phrase that describes her. The perfect name.


PS...credits for the photos go to Addie's breeder. And thank you to Ann for helping me come up with her name!