Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Addie

Since Addie is over a year old and I've only had this blog for a month, I thought I'd create a few posts about Addie as a puppy.

I wanted a Standard Poodle for over 5 years... and when it finally worked out for me to get one, we found the perfect little puppy from Ali-Ann Standard Poodles. A small, black female that was interested in people and would be good at obedience and agility.

We met the breeder at a dog show when the puppies were just 7 weeks old. We got to watch the show, then meet the puppies. If I remember correctly there were 8 in all; 5 black and 3 cream. And all adorable.

Addie was the smallest black female and was pretty shy... but was cuddly and so sweet.

Well we got her home 12 days later and she was so much fun. Full of energy and life; loved to run around in the front yard and she was such a GOOD puppy! Never chewed anything, didn't have too many accidents in the house. She even learned to ring the bells at about 3.5-4 months of age, and still does it to this day! She loved sleeping in strange positions and being a goofy puppy. She was super smart too (still is) - she learned to sit on my second day of having her.


Sue said...

I love Standard Poodles. A friend had one when I was a teen and that dog was so dignified. I loved walking him. My PWDs remind me of him except they're goofy and not at all dignified.

My first PWD Bentley used to ring bells to let me know he wanted to go out. None of this crown do it mainly because we have a set routine of outings at certain times.