Friday, May 29, 2009

Canine Good Citizen

Today was the day I took the AKC Canine Good Citizen test... and I passed! I am officially a good canine citizen. The CGC test is a ten item test including basic obedience skills like accepting strangers, dogs, walking on a loose leash, reacting well to distractions, etc.

I did great. One test item was supervised separation, where my person left me with a stranger and left the room for 3 minutes. At first I was a little concerned about where she went, but I soon enticed the evaluator into giving me a belly rub. When my person came back, I didn't want to get up because I was comfy and the evaluator was so nice!

When we did the come, my person told me to wait and walked away from me a little ways, then she told me to "Front." I know I'm supposed to come to her and sit straight in front of her, but I got a little excited and came right to heel position instead. We still passed because I did come but I think I messed up a little! My person just laughed and wasn't upset.

Another item was walking through a crowd, where 3 other people and another dog, along with me and my person, walked around each other, passing by each other and I couldn't bark, jump, lunge out, or anything like that. It was hard! But I knew my person didn't want me to play with the other dogs. So using all the control I had in me, I focused hard on my person and we passed that item.

One last memorable test item was reaction to distraction. My person told me to sit and stay, which I did. Then the evaluator walked around with a funny metal thing (the people called it a walker), clicking it on the ground and making noise with it. I wasn't really concerned, I wondered what it was but it wasn't bothering me. Then the evaluator said I'd be good at therapy. My person's talked about that a lot, I guess I'd get to visit places called nursing homes and hospitals, cheering people up who are sick and don't get very many visitors. Sounds like fun to me, I'd like to go have people pet me all day! My person's talked about getting me certified for that...

All in all it was a good day, my people had friends over that played with me and my person even took me rollerblading before the test. Then I got lots of treats and a big bone when we got home. I'd take this test again any day!


Saturday, May 23, 2009


Welcome to the blog of Standard Poodle Ali-Ann Inspired Addiction, known as Addie to all. This blog will share my journey through training and on to (hopefully) competing in Rally obedience and Agility, as well as just being a dog.

A little about me... I was born on April 20, 2008 and I'm just over a year old. I am still a puppy and love to play and run, but I also love to work and train. I am in Intermediate Obedience and have been training since 11 weeks of age. My next classes will be a puppy agility class, and rally obedience classes. I will be taking the AKC Canine Good Citizen test sometime in June. Enjoy the blog!