Friday, June 26, 2009

Groom Week

Yes, Addie got a haircut this past weekend... and yesterday I groomed her Toy Poodle "buddy" Zoe... unfortunately she was a bit matted so I had to take her down with a #4 stainless steel comb. But it is summer, and she runs around on the farm with her Golden Retriever brother. So here's Zoe. Sorry for poor quality, the lighting was bad. Also note her pink toenails...!

....But it doesn't stop there. Today, I groomed a friend's dog, a Border Collie named Jersey. Of course, silly me forgot to take before pics of these two... oh well. She had a LOT of hair! She was very sweet though. However, I couldn't get her to stand up to take her picture! So here she is lying down.


Sue said...

Come on over, I have ten that need haircuts.

Natalie said...

If I were closer I would come in a heartbeat... your dogs look like a lot of fun and I'd love to groom a Portie! However I'm a couple states away.

Do you groom all of yours yourself? That would be a lot of work, just my Standard and a few friends' dogs are hard enough...though it would be cheaper than going to a groomer!