Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Snow Adventures

I decided to be brave this week and take Addie for some walks in the snow. On Monday we explored some property across the street from our neighborhood. It technically has an owner but there's just a bunch of brush and trails from construction vehicles, as they're building stuff much farther down the property. My neighbors use it to walk their dogs as well, and I thought it'd be a good place to walk in the snow. There were plenty of trails made by snowmobiles, and the snow was pretty frozen.

Addie was crazy! As soon as I let her offleash she was insane, running around and almost into me, jumping around, and more. Of course, being a get-dirty-first, ask-questions-later kind of dog, she brought half a plant home with her...

She had a ton of fun, and even though we weren't out long, I'm glad we went. I was afraid she'd be cold or get snow balled up in her paws, and she doesn't have boots yet, so I made some makeshift boots with socks and some fabric in the bottom. So that's what you'll see in the pictures. She really didn't mind them at all!

On Tuesday we walked down to the lake and played fetch. It freezes very solidly so we didn't have to worry, even cars drive on the ice. Addie thought it was the greatest, like a big huge field for her to play in. She never stopped playing fetch, and never complained about the cold. We then walked across the lake to where it meets a street and went a different way home, just because we could.

It's really a crazy feeling, walking across the lake - at first I thought nothing of it, since I'm used to it freezing each winter. But the I thought about the fact that for most of the year, I'm on that water on the boat, or swimming in it. But it's a whole new experience when you're standing on that same water, walking across to different parts. It's a place we will continue to return until the ice begins to melt.

Her opinion of my constant picture-taking.

The frozen lake

A gorgeous sunset

Poodle zoomies!!

Super Poodle to the rescue!


Sue said...

I love the shot of her flying. It looks like she had a wonderful time and the sunset was gorgeous.