Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Help Me!

All you blogger people are a smart bunch; want to help me find some things?

1. Flickr. First, for the Flickr users, how do I post pictures to my blog that link back to the Flickr page? I tried to post pictures from my Flickr to my blog, but they didn't link. PS my Flickr username is SmartPoodle. : D

2. Treats. I am having the hardest time finding good treats that I like and enjoy training with for Addie! All the treats are either very expensive, or very unhealthy! They need to be:
1. SOFT, not crunchy or crumbly
2. TASTY obviously
3. HEALTHY what should I look for, as far as ingredients go?
4. SMALL preferably. Either that or easy to cut up
5. INEXPENSIVE I know Zukes are good, but I can't afford $6 a bag!
Any recommendations, and where do I buy them?

3. Weaves. I need good quality channel weaves for agility. I do not want the ones made strictly out of PVC; ones like these: Obviously, inexpensive is best, but they do need to be good quality. Agility friends, where did you get your weaves?

4. Camera. I know a lot of you are in to photography on some level... I need a new camera! All I have are crappy point and shoots. I'm tired of them. I want a nicer camera, but I don't know that much about them. Here's what I want:
1. $250 or under is what I'm thinking for price.
2. A crossover, SLR-like point and shoot
3. The bigger the better, so it gets more light in. (I think!)
4. Something that takes good motion/action shots... Poodles move!
5. Something that takes good photos without the flash... Flashes and black dogs don't mix well.
6. Good quality pixels!

Any help at all is appreciated for any of these things! Just fyi, even if I haven't been posting too much, I do read almost all of your blogs! I just don't always have time to comment or post myself. That is all!


Sam said...

I don't think I'll be much help to you - but I'll try..

I don't use Flickr, so I can't help there at all.

Treats - I'd look in to Natural Balance food rolls. I can't use them with Marge because they upset her stomach, but it's just basically a food roll that you can cut up in to whatever size you want. It would have lasted me a while if not for the fact that I couldn't use it. Honestly, I've found the best treats are ones that aren't dog food - boiled chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. Of course, I only use those for agility class, since the calories can add up, but I've found them to be the most rewarding and most convenient.

Nature's Recipe training treats aren't bad, but they're not the most healthy. Purina Carvers aren't awful IMO either.

My weaves are PVC, so I can't help you there either... :(

Sue said...

1 I can't help with Flickr, don't use it.

2 I like Zukes for training. has them for 3 something a bag. Check out Sit Stay, they have lots of neat treats.

3 We use PVC for weaves.

4 I have a SONY but it was expensive. I love it, however.

Sorry, I wasn't much help.

Natalie said...

Sam - I'll check those out, thanks. We've used human treats too for class, mostly turkey and ham. My biggest problem is finding something that's a good size and shape (turkey is to thin) and isn't too messy (both get slimy). I may be asking too much, however.

Isabella said...

When I was showing dogs, I found the best treat to be baked chicken livers. Bake them at low heat until they become very firm and dried out, After they're fully cooked and cooled, wrap them in paper towels to absorb any moisture, then cut them into bite size pieces, put them in a bag and place in fridge.