Saturday, September 19, 2009


So busy we can't include spaces in the title.
Addie and I have had little time to do stuff, hence the lack of posts.

Training is still going well. Addie loves it.
Currently she is hiding from me because I groomed a friend's Wheaten puppy today and now she thinks she's getting groomed. She's right.

This is Bailey, the Soft coated Wheaten Terrier. Isn't she cute?

She was a very proud little girl... but she was good for her first groom at 6 months!
We've also been playing with other dogs - Clara came to visit Addie a couple weekends ago and they played non stop.
Hiding from the big scary Poodle
I had a really hard time keeping them off this chair. They'd run around like crazy, Addie would jump in and lie down, and Clara would follow. Then they'd wrestle in the chair. Goofballs.

*note a black paw above Clara's head...Gentle!*

The staredown


Sue said...

What a sweetheart Bailey is. She has the cutest little face.

The shots of Addie and Clara in the chair are too funny. Naughty girls wrestling in a chair.

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute, love all the pics!

Natalie said...

Thanks! Sue - She is really sweet. Tons of energy like a Wheaten puppy should.

emjanes said...

I have a 7 month old wheaten puppy and she is ready for her first groom. Can you offer some tips on technique and tools that you used to groom that wheaten? I would like to do it myself. I love how Bailey's cut looks!

Natalie said...

Emjanes, do you want to send me an email so we can talk specifics? I'd be happy to talk to you about grooming your Wheaten. My email is