Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dog Park

Addie and I finally made it out to our local dog park. After some confusing directions, we finally found it. It's pretty nice, fenced in all the way around and I don't even know how many acres. There is a big open area when you first walk in with picnic tables and room for dogs to play. Beyond that, is a big field of long grass and weeds. To the right and left there are paths to walk your dogs along off leash, which is nice.

We've been there are couple times now; seen a few people we knew, played with some cool dogs, explored the trails. I'm kind of concerned about Addie though. She was socialized really well as a puppy, and came from a good breeder as well. But she just doesn't have good manners around other dogs. She is pretty dominant - head up, tail up, kinda jumping on top of other dogs - but still seems really playful. She gets rough and wants to wrestle and chase when most dogs just want to sniff and move on. Anyone have any suggestions on how to improve her manners?

Anyway, I didn't get any pics of her with other dogs when I took the camera last, but next time I go I'll try to remember to take it. It has been fun for Addie, and I hope we can go more often in the future.
In the car....what do you think she is saying??


Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

Looks like she had a great time! I bet she is saying..."When can we go back."

-Mollie and Bobo

Sam said...

She looks like she's saying "ZOMG that was so much fun!!!!!"

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

She DEFINITELY wants to know when she's going back! (Fi's Mom here: our standard poodle was fairly well socialized, but was pretty 'aloof' with other dogs, and not super interested in playing with them - or playing in general. We often called him an 'aloof-adoodle'... So no help here, sorry!)

*kissey face*

Life With Dogs said...

She is saying "make a u-turn!"

Anna said...

Hi Natalie:
I just happened to run across your blog and surprise it is such a small world. I am the adoring owner groupie to Tynan's rock star brother. (aka - Ali-Ann Kabuki Knights "Haiku". Ann Springer is indeed a great person and it looks like your Addie has that beautiful face that the pedigree produces. Haiku just needs 1 major to finish. He too is very active like your Addie seems. But, he makes me laugh every day. I have found that you just have to try to be one step ahead which is hard. I asked for the flashy one in the litter and I got him! Will be watching to see how things go for you.

Natalie said...

Wow, what are the odds! I have seen Haiku on Ann's website he is gorgeous. If he's anything like what I've seen and heard of Tynan (and Addie!), I'm sure he's very clever and flashy as you say. I really liked Ann and her dogs ever since I first spoke with her, and after meeting her I knew I wanted one of her puppies... I got, quite literally, exactly what I wanted in a Poodle and Ann picked her out for me. Addie has a good on/off switch...most of the day she relaxes and hangs out with the fam, but as soon as I want to play or train she is high energy and high drive. We're having fun. Thanks for the comment, and congrats on showing thus far with Haiku. If Ann's website is correct you are in TN right? If you ever come up here for a show or something, let me know, would love to meet you and Haiku.

Brownie said...

Sounds like I have the same problem as Addie... but I wasn't well socialized as a puppy and I was taken too early from my litter. I tend to run up to dogs and get in their face, lick them, then immediately start rough housing! My momster says I need to learn some manners, but I don't know how!

Sue said...

I think she's saying, "Wow, Mom, that was so much fun!!"

Can you arrange some playdates with some nice calm dogs that she can learn from?

Natalie said...

I think Addie had fun too, and was probably thinking something like that.

That wouldn't be a bad idea... the biggest problem is that most owners if hear their dog make any sort of growl or show their teeth, they tell them to stop. And with all the dogs Addie's played with, they're just putting her in her place, which is perfectly okay, and the owners need to let their dogs do that. But they usually don't. We'll see... I think we know a few big dogs that could help teach Addie better manners.

Sue said...

PWDs play loudly with lots of growls and yips and lots of teeth showing, but it's all play and nobody gets hurt. A lot of people are put off by the noise and think they;re fighting. e always have to explain.